Seminars & Tours

Seminars, tours and workshops

Grex Airbrush Workshops...Click here for more information and sign ups for the Grex Airbrush Workshops.

US Space and Rocket Center Tour.  Click here for details.

Dinner at Songbirds Guitar Museum.  Click here for details.

Here's a list of the seminars we are working on.  A complete list and schedule will follow as we get them solidified:

Model building 101 - Ralph Nardone

Detailing with scratchbuilding - Lou Dalmaso

Oil Paint Rendering - Mike Rinaldi

Real Space Modeling - Rob Schorry 

Beyond Pre-shading In Black Basing - Rich Van Zandt

How to Enhance Your Sci-Fi Kits - Ken Spriggs

Fisher P-75A - Kevin Grantham

FineScale Modeling - Aaron Skinner

Judging - Mark Perischetti 

Scratch Building the Mercury Redstone - David Carlton

GREX Painting Seminar - Byrant Dunbar

Transporting Models using Legos - John Vitkus 

Ship Assembly Techniques - Mike Ashey

Ship Painting Techniques - Mike Ashey

Aircraft Construction Techniques - Mike Ashey

Eduard - Vladimir Sulc

F4H - Tommy Thomason

Large Scale Planes - Mike Rechlicz

US Navy Markings of Interwar Battleships, Cruisers, and their Aircraft - Dana Bell

Models of Space 1999 - Richard Engar

Models for Troops - Jon Emery

Carrier Duty: 1956 to 1977, Service on 5 Carriers - Al Carrato

Biplane Rigging fro the Timid and the Lazy - Mark Nickelson

Compiling our Contest Results - Eileen Perischetti 

Wingnut Wings - Richard Alexander

AK Interactive: Basic Aircraft Weathering - Daniel Zamarbide

The Background Story of SWS Kits - Hideyuki Shigeta, President of Zoukei-Mura Inc. and VOLKS Inc.

Braille Armor - Allen Magnus

Hints and Tips for a Successful Local Modeling Event - Rob Booth, Dick Montgomery & Len Pilhofer

Painting Figures with Acrylics - David Younquist

How Models are Designed - Radu Brinzan

Weathering in Oil Paints - John Bonanni

PT 187: Building the Bluejacket Ship Crafters 80' ELCO PT Boat - Bob Steinbrunn

3d Design for Scale Modeling - Chuck Davenport

Photoetch - Mike Roof

Lost Gemini: Part 2 - Mike Makowski

Scratchbuilding tips & tricks - Dave Straub

Scratchbuilding ship models - Dave Straub

How to cast small detail parts using RTV & Resin Materials - Dave Straub